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Storm Damage


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  • Storm Damage

    Storm Damage

    Check for damage to your roof, gutters, siding, trim and windows. Large trees or small limbs can damage your home during a storm.

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  • Hail Storm Damage

    Hail Storm Damage

    Golf Ball Size hail driven with high winds can penetrate vinyl siding, windows and roofing. You can get help quick by calling our storm team.

  • Electric, Phone and Cable Lines

    Electric, Phone and Cable Lines

    Utility lines can be pulled loose from your home by tree limbs and Ice. This shows the soffit and overhang trim pulled loose from a phone line that was hit by a tree branch.

  • Hail Damage

    Hail Damage

    Baseball size hail not only damaged these aluminum vents but put holes in the shingles and vinyl siding.

  • Roof System and Wall Damage

    Roof System and Wall Damage

    Whether it is Roofing, Sheathing, Siding or Structure damage to your roof, call Jeff Home Improvements today to repair the damage and put your life back to normal.

  • Storm Damage

    Storm Damage

    Hurricane forced winds and water collapsed this beautiful home, but notice how shingles stayed on in winds over 130 mph.

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