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Roofing Services

We offer Designer 3-D Lifetime Roofing Systems. 25 Year Roofs, Flat Roofs, Rubber Roofs, Several Colors and Styles to choose from to fit your budget.

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Siding Services

The exterior look of your home is as important to you as it is to Jeff Home Improvements. We want to make sure that the siding of your home is as unique as your taste and personality and model the type of individual you are. We offer a wide range of types, styles, and colors. Not only does siding add attributes to the style of your home, but siding materials also prevent your home from outside elements such as weather and insects. Remember that when choosing siding material each style has specific attributes that contribute to it, such as its performance, cost, and maintenance.

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Gutter Services

Proper gutter installation is extremely important when maintaining your home. Without proper installation, large rains will bring water leaks back into your home causing rot damage to doors, windows, and other parts of the property which can be a huge expense.

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Storm Damage

A time of crisis such as an intense storm can be bad for all those involved. Here at Jeff Home Improvements we personally know how important it is to repair your home fast and efficiently when it has been damaged due to a severe storm such as a hurricane or tornado.

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Window Services

Windows are an important feature on any style of home. Not only will our selection of window styles protect you from weather and external elements, but each window provides a level of security that is sure to make you feel good about your selections.

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