The Right Patio Doors Allow Homeowners in Jeffersonville, IN, to Enjoy an Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle

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Patio Doors

Your patio doors play an important role in establishing the character of both the indoor and outdoor living areas at your home in the Jeffersonville, Indiana, area. More than that, though, they connect the two spaces and allow you to enjoy pleasant cross breezes in your home. At Jeff Home Improvements, we know how important it is to find an attractive and functional door for this space. That’s why we install patio doors that balance unquestionable style with smooth operation and rugged durability.

Beautiful Patio Doors That Define Your Space

In order to ensure your new door perfectly complements your home’s façade and allows you to use your outdoor living areas as you see fit, we install two types of patio doors: French doors and sliding glass doors. Regardless of the style of door you choose, however, you will have near-complete control over its appearance. Select from a variety of:

  • Interior and exterior colors
  • Hardware finishes
  • Glass tints
  • Grid patterns

Additionally, some of our sliding glass patio doors come with the option to integrate mini blinds between glass panes, providing you with attractive light control that requires virtually no effort to maintain.

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Of course, the forecast at your Jeffersonville-area home won’t always call for cloudless skies and pleasant temperatures. Fortunately, both our sliding glass and French patio doors can protect you from uncomfortable heat, cold, and inclement weather. Both door frames and glass insets are insulated against thermal transfer, and extensive weatherstripping keeps water and insects from making their way inside when your doors are closed. When the weather clears, you can easily slide these perfectly hung doors open once more to enjoy some fresh air.

Protecting Your Interiors From Intruders

Entryways tend to be some of the most vulnerable areas of any house. Whether you want to protect your home from intruders or windborne debris, our patio doors can do the trick. They possess:

  • Reinforced frames and sashes that won’t decay over time
  • Multipoint steel locking systems that keep you secure

Additionally, you can upgrade our sliding glass patio doors to impact doors, which come with 1-inch-thick, strike-resistant glass and higher-than-average water barriers.

What other patio doors can boast this combination of beauty, functionality, and security? Contact Jeff Home Improvements today to learn more about the French or sliding glass patio doors we can install at your Jeffersonville-area home.

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