How to Choose a Reputable Roofer

Whether your roof has started to show signs of its age or you’re worried that a recent storm caused some damage, you need a reputable roofer to address the situation. After all, not only does your roof contribute to curb appeal, but it also serves as one of your home’s first lines of defense against the elements. However, finding a trustworthy contractor can feel like an impossible task. The internet is full of “roofing experts,” but how do you know which ones can actually handle your project?

Before you resign yourself to experiencing the luck of the draw, we’ve put together a handy guide on how to choose a reputable roofer. When evaluating any self-proclaimed “roofing experts,” make sure to check their:


Your roofer boasts about possessing extensive experience, but does their track record actually back up this claim? Every year that a roofing company has been in business is a year your contractor has spent gaining hands-on knowledge about what makes a roof repair or replacement proceed smoothly and efficiently. While there are other ways to gain this expertise (like special training), a roofer who has been around long enough to have “seen it all,” often proves capable if your roof require special attention. A lengthy tenure also indicates that your roofer has had no problems maintaining a steady stream of satisfied customers.


Most states either require roofers to obtain special licensing or possess some form of certification. Since earning this license requires passing an extensive exam and maintaining best business practices, partnering with a licensed roofer can give you peace of mind when it comes to knowing that your contractor will successfully complete your project. For reputable roofers, becoming licensed often goes hand-in-hand with staying insured. You want to work with an insured roofing contractor, as it protects you from any financial liability if one of the installers gets injured on the job.


When you choose a roofer, look for someone who offers labor warranties. In addition to providing you with some financial protection and peace of mind, a labor warranty proves that your roofing contractor has confidence in the caliber of their installations. After all, no one offers warranty protection if they know the homeowner will need to make use of it in the future. A roofer’s tenure is important to consider here as well—roofing contractors who have been in business for decades are more likely to stick around long enough to honor your warranty in the future.


Consumer protection agencies like the Better Business Bureau maintain extensive records regarding a contractor’s past performance. While a positive rating with the BBB can go a long way when it comes to indicating the caliber of your contractor, you can also look at any additional associations that your roofer has worked to maintain. Many leading roofing manufacturers—like GAF and Owens Corning—will recognize contractors who embody excellence during the installation process and award them an elite status. Not only does this indicate a roofer’s skill, but it oftentimes qualifies them to provide homeowners with more extended product warranties as well.

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